Nov. 12, 2017

EARLYSVILLE, Va. – The Virginia rowing team concluded its fall season with a win in the Varsity Eight race at the Rivanna Romp on Sunday (Nov. 12) on the Rivanna Reservoir. The annual regatta featured crews from Clemson, Columbia, Duke, Louisville, Miami, Pennsylvania and the host Cavaliers.

The Cavaliers’ Varsity Eight picked up their 12th consecutive win at the Rivanna Romp, completing the 4,000-meter course with a winning time of 13:09.7. Louisville placed second at 13:20.7 and Duke finished third at 13:30.7. UVA’s Second Varsity Eight placed fourth at 13:33.4 followed by Penn at 13:41.2. UVA’s Third Varsity Eight finished ninth at 13:50.6. The Cavaliers’ Fourth (14:14) and Fifth (14:20.3) boats placed 13th and 16th, respectively.

In the Varsity Four race, UVA’s Third Varsity Four placed second behind Duke (14:34.2) with a time of 14:44.8. Louisville placed third at 14:52.3 followed by the Cavaliers’ Varsity Four (14:55.7) and Second Varsity Four (15:04.4). UVA’s Fourth Varsity Four placed ninth at 15:28 and UVA’s Fifth Varsity Four placed 15th at 15:56. The Cavaliers’ Sixth Varsity Eight placed 19th, while the Seventh Varsity Eight finished 23rd.

Virginia also won the novice eight race with a time of 14:09.

Virginia Lineups

Varsity Eight: Coxswain Izzi Weiss, Stroke: Isabella Strickler, 7: Heidi Long, 6: Morgan Rosts, 5: Ali Zwicker, 4: Ellie Stewart, 3: Sophie Pennoyer, 2: Alex Slabbert, Bow: Anna Fairs

Second Varsity Eight: Coxswain Maria Zeris, Stroke: Reilly White, 7: Lizzie Trull, 6: Christina Berchtold, 5: Alice Darry, 4: Star Davidson, 3: Abbie Bird, 2: Toni Wiersma, Bow: Mackenzie King

Third Varsity Eight: Coxswain Adi Hendlin, Stroke: Mary Beth Greer, 7: Georgia Gray, 6: Emily Ashton, 5: Lauren Poland, 4: Hannah Watson, 3: Sara Cliborne, 2: Mackenzie Springer, Bow: Carrie Warner

Fourth Varsity Eight: Coxswain Rachel Dick, Stroke: Tessa Otting, 7: Isabel Rundle, 6: Grace von Elten, 5: Casey Martin, 4: Emiliana Geronimo, 3: Isabel Ott, 2: Gaby Kulesz, Bow: Marissa Patrick

Fifth Varsity Eight: Coxswain Colette Glass, Stroke: Grace Comerford, 7: Kate Hastings, 6: Grace Bentley, 5: Erin Dubas, 4: Katrina Strash, 3: Maggie Taylor, 2: Phebe Martin, Bow: Grace Brown

Varsity Four: Coxswain Izzi Weiss, Stroke: Alex Slabbert, 3: Heidi Long, 2: Morgan Rosts, Bow: Sophie Pennoyer

Second Varsity Four: Coxswain Maria Zeris, Stroke: Reilly White, 3: Isabella Strickler, 2: Toni Wiersma, Bow: Lizzie Trull

Third Varsity Four: Coxswain Adi Hendlin, Stroke: Ellie Stewart, 3: Ali Zwicker, 2: Alice Darry, Bow: Mackenzie King

Fourth Varsity Four: Coxswain Rachel Dick, Stroke: Christina Berchtold, 3: Abbie Bird, 2: Star Davidson, Bow: Mary Beth Greer

Fifth Varsity Four: Coxswain Eva Gobourne, Stroke: Georgia Gray, 3: Mackenzie Springer, 2: Lauren Poland, Bow: Hannah Watson

Sixth Varsity Four: Coxswain Gabby Grob, Stroke: Marissa Patrick, 3: Gaby Kulesz, 2: Isabel Ott, Bow: Sara Cliborne

Seventh Varsity Four: Coxswain Emma Sharon, Stroke: Kate Hastings, 3: Grace Bentley, 2: Erin Dubas, Bow: Phebe Martin