The University of Virginia’s concessionaire partner, Aramark, has announced changes to the football game day concessions experience for the upcoming game against ODU on Saturday, September 17.

Aramark Statement

There were numerous concerns expressed by fans after the game and we have taken that feedback seriously and are actively working to provide operational solutions to deliver a first-class concessions experience. The items below will be implemented this weekend and for the remainder of the season:

· Increased staffing in busy areas, such as the West concourse, to provide quicker service in our beverage and concessions stands.
· Concessions stands will be stocked to 200% of peak crowd levels, meaning there will be no shortage of food offerings. This will also reduce the need for restocking our stands after kick-off, providing shorter wait times for food.
· Additional points of sale on the West Concourse, which will help decrease wait times.
· Additional signage will provide information as to where specific food and beverages are offered.
· New UVA Concessions ambassadors (dressed in bright yellow shirts) have been hired to direct fans to areas with shorter lines.
· There will be additional non-alcoholic beverage stands for fans who want to purchase water or other bottled beverages.
· An additional food truck,Tako Nak​o, will be added to North pergola.

· More stanchions will be added to effectively queue the lines.

Virginia athletics is committed to providing an exceptional game day experience and that includes our food, beverage and merchandise options.

The Heat Management Plan will be in effect for the ODU game. Additionally, fans will be allowed to bring one unopened 16oz bottle of water into the stadium.

An updated concessions map will be shared before Saturday on social media and on the Game Day Central webpage at

We look forward to seeing you in Scott Stadium Saturday.