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March 28, 2015

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REDWOOD SHORES, Calif.–The No. 2 Virginia rowing team won seven races on the first day of the Pac-12 Challenge Satuday (March 28) on Redwood Shores.

In the morning the session, the Cavaliers swept three races against Oregon State, including the Varsity Eight (winning time of 6:30.0), the Second Varsity Eight (6:37.6) and the Varsity Four (7:27.5). UVa also defeated Washington State in the Second Varsity Four in 7:25.9.

In the afternoon, Stanford’s V8 defeated Virginia, 6:20.9-6:25.1, but the Cavaliers captured wins in the 2V8 (6:32.5), V4 (7:18.8) and 2V4 (7:24.6).

Sunday, the Cavaliers compete against California starting at noon Eastern.

Virginia Lineups
Varsity Eight Second Varsity Eight Varsity Four AM & 2V4 PM Varsity Four PM & 2V4 AM
Cox Colette Lucas-Conwell Cox Hayley LaFleche Cox Chloe Sykes Cox Julia Roithmayr
Stk Chandler Lally Stk Shawna Sims Stk Ali Zwicker Stk Marijane Brennan
7 Hemingway Benton 7 Mackenzi Sherman 3 Kathryn Cook 3 Maggie Bowman-Jones
6 Lizzy Youngling 6 Anna Fairs 2 Paula Lewis 2 Jennifer Reid
5 Georgia Ratcliff 5 Lexie Katz Bow Karen Schulte Bow Ellen Pate
4 Eliza Spilsbury 4 Chelsea Adams
3 Maddie Keating 3 Mackenzie Springer
2 Erin Briggs 2 Jo Gurman
Bow Sam Casto Bow Tessa Dikkers
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