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April 18, 2015

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CLEMSON, S.C.–The No. 4 Virginia rowing team earned nine wins over top competition Saturday (April 18) at the Clemson Invitational on Lake Hartwell.

In the morning session, the Cavaliers picked up four race wins, including the Second Varsity Eight (time of 6:35.0) and Varsity Four (7:23.7) over No. 1 Ohio State, No. 12 Indiana, No. 15 Harvard-Radcliffe, No. 16 UCLA, Dartmouth and Syracuse. In the Varsity Eight race, UVa finished second only to Ohio State, 6:25.7-6:29.7.

UVa’s Third Varsity Eight also defeated the Buckeyes and the Crimson, as well as Syracuse, Dartmouth and Indiana’s Novice Eight in a time of 6:44.9. Virginia’s Second Varsity Four defeated host Clemson, Cornell, Penn, Louisville and Oklahoma in a time of 7:31.9.

In the evening session, the Cavaliers picked up wins in the V8 (6:21.7), 2V8 (6:32.0) and V4 (7:18.8) over No. 14 Texas, No. 19 Gonzaga, No. 20 Minnesota, UCLA, Dartmouth and Clemson. Virginia’s 3V8 posted a time of 6:46.6 and defeated Dartmouth and Louisville and Clemson’s Fourth Varsity Eight, while UVa’s 2V4 earned a victory over Texas, Louisville, Syracuse, UCLA, Cornell and Dartmouth in 7:19.4

The regatta concludes Sunday with action beginning at 8 a.m.

Virginia Lineups
Varsity Eight Second Varsity Eight Third Varsity Eight
Cox Hayley LaFleche Cox Colette Lucas-Conwell Cox Rachel Dick
Stk Shawna Sims Stk Ali Zwicker Stk Kendall Mueller
7 Erin Briggs 7 Anna Fairs 7 Grace Tuttle
6 Georgia Ratcliff 6 Chandler Lally 6 Allie Nicholson
5 Eliza Spilsbury 5 Chelsea Adams 5 Lyndsay Martini
4 Hemingway Benton 4 Mackenzie Springer 4 Morgan Rosts
3 Lizzy Youngling 3 Jennifer Reid 3 Taylor Leonard
2 Sam Casto 2 Tessa Dikkers 2 Paula Lewis
Bow Mackenzi Sherman Bow Jo Gurman Bow Kameryn Corcoran
Varsity Four Second Varsity Four
Cox Julia Roithmayr Cox Chloe Sykes
Stk Marijane Brennan Stk Karen Schulte
3 Maggie Bowman-Jones 3 Lexie Katz
2 Hannah Solis-Cohen 2 Jane Hudson
Bow Ellen Pate Bow Emmy Bateman
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